There are 554 days left in my 1001 day challenge. Looks like I'm nicely on track to getting a very excellent percentage of my 101 goals accomplished! It has been a while since I updated my list, and counted up my completions. I'm liking my new graph!

101 Graph - 41
101 Graph Legend

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New Graphs & List Update

101 Graph - 20
101 Graph Legend

I have been a bit remiss this past month in updating on my completions, but I have been working away at my list. I have found that my desires have changed significantly since I first drafted my 101 list in February. I've taken on the appraoch that if a goal no longer appeals to me, I will rewrite it so that it does. Life changes quickly, and I want my list to reflect my changing desires, so that each accomplishment is just that. I never want my list to become burdensome and unpleasant.

In the two months since I last updated my progress graph, I have completed five goals. I still seem to have 13 in progress, but not all of them are the same ones. Many are, of course. My List is updated now, as well as my Books.

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Book Update

Once again it is time to update the Book list!

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Writing Contest

Enter a piece of writing into a writing contest. Completed! Today I submitted my entry to this contest:

List as of 13 Jun 2010

Current Status of The List... 17 completed, 13 in progress. Not bad at all! This baby is coming along nicely. I've also decided to post my list when I update it, as well as update it on the link above, just to have the record of it in progress. Now for the list.

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Books 10 to 13

New books added to the list!


Entire list on next page...

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Solo Bellydance Routine

Tonight I performed my first solo bellydance routine! Task Completed!

Style Blog

Start and maintain a Style Blog for at least four weeks. Completed!

Week 20 Collage

Week 21 Collage

Week 22 Collage

Week 23 Collage

Progress Report: May 2010

Progress Update:

101 Graph - 15
101 Graph Legend

Local Convention

Attend a local convention...

Con Badge

Completed. (And I had a blast!)

New List

I have discovered that my 101 list isn't quite working for me anymore, the way it should, so I've made a few changes to it. Some tweaks, some additions, some subtractions. The list (linked above on the "My 101 List" page) is kept fairly up to date. The newest list can also be read if you click "Read More" below.

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I have done embroideries! I should probably officially mark this goal as in progress!

I have quite a ways to go. Maybe I should reduce how many embroideries I need to do?

Farmer's Market

Almost every week this spring I shopped at the Farmer's Market. The weeks that I did not shop, I did not need to. I love the fresh vegetables, and wonderful goodies I can get!

Farmer's MarketFarmer's MarketFarmers MarketFarmer's MarketFarmer's MarketFarmer's MarketFarmer's Market


With summer coming, I am in desperate need for some new clothes. Good thing I have a new wardrobe as one of my 101 goals! (I was thinking ahead!) I bought some new outfits to kick off the beginning of this goal!

New Clothes New Clothes


My first batch of limoncello just got sent as a gift, which officially completes this one! And let me add, the limoncello is quite tasty.

Vodka, Lemons, Zest

Progress Report

Progress update:

Ballroom Dancing

On a wild impulse, spurred on by my successful completion of another goal today, I went ballroom dancing tonight! And another one bites the dust. First time ballroom dancing in ten years!

Plant Tomatoes

I have officially planted tomatoes. Healthy, happy little tomato plants. With some basil as companions. I'm so proud of myself. And I'm really looking forward to eating my own tomatoes!

Books, Books, Books

Read 101 Books (Goal #48)

Books, books, books. So far so good on keeping up with my reading list to meet this goal in time!

Travel Somewhere New

I traveled somewhere new! For Easter I went to New Orleans. LOVED IT!

And it completes one of my goals, to travel somewhere new!

French Quarter

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